A beautiful new way to organize and interact with email.

– Sorts by priority
– Swipe to set a priority
– Double tap to mark as read
– Gmail & IMAP support
– So fresh, clean

Email has become noisy — a burden unto itself, an additional task no one needs. Too often the fix is either hyper-aggressive organization or neglect. It’s become difficult to heed the important stuff.

Introducing Heed — a clean new app that seeks to change how you interact with email.

Heed is built around the concept of setting “priorities” on messages. With three levels of priority, you can gauge the importance of a message and quickly mark it accordingly. Prioritized messages will sit at the top of your message list until you clear the priority. Your email is now a simply managed list based on the things that need your attention.

Read more about Heed’s backstory —Building an App for Yourself — A Case Study of Heed.

Heed supports Gmail and most IMAP email accounts and requires iOS 7 and newer. Heed never saves your account info externally — your info is only securely stored locally in-app, but you will still receive notifications for new messages because Heed is just that good.